The Overshadowing of God’s Personal Deliverance

God promised Jeremiah that He would deliver him personally— “…your life shall be as a prize to you…” (Jeremiah 39:18). That is all God promises His children. Wherever God sends us, He will guard our lives. Our personal property and possessions are to be a matter of indifference to us, and our hold on these things should be very loose. If this is not the case, we will have panic, heartache, and distress. Having the proper outlook is evidence of the deeply rooted belief in the overshadowing of God’s personal deliverance.

The Sermon on the Mount indicates that when we are on a mission for Jesus Christ, there is no time to stand up for ourselves. Jesus says, in effect, “Don’t worry about whether or not you are being treated justly.” Looking for justice is actually a sign that we have been diverted from our devotion to Him. Never look for justice in this world, but never cease to give it. If we look for justice, we will only begin to complain and to indulge ourselves in the discontent of self-pity, as if to say, “Why should I be treated like this?” If we are devoted to Jesus Christ, we have nothing to do with what we encounter, whether it is just or unjust. In essence, Jesus says, “Continue steadily on with what I have told you to do, and I will guard your life. If you try to guard it yourself, you remove yourself from My deliverance.” Even the most devout among us become atheistic in this regard— we do not believe Him. We put our common sense on the throne and then attach God’s name to it. We do lean to our own understanding, instead of trusting God with all our hearts (see Proverbs 3:5-6).

Bible in One Year: Job 8-10; Acts 8:26-40

3 thoughts on “The Overshadowing of God’s Personal Deliverance”

  1. sanlestan says:

    It never ceases to amaze me after all these decades that Oswald Chambers daily speaks of our current world and our heart focus.
    In spite of what has just occurred with our own earthly justices as of Friday, the 26th, today’s devotional hit the nail on the head. There is no justice in this world so why do we seek it so. Praise God that He understand our fraility in desiring justice here where we stand. He is the only One who is Just. May we continue on our knees for our country and its leaders. God never gives up.

    1. hsnpoor says:

      “God never gives up”; this is true, but he is just as much a just God and he is one of love, grace and mercy. He has shown mankind his hand over & over & over again. I do believe this is the first time that the American Federal jurisprudence system has actually stood up and spit in God’s eye, flagrantly disregarding his law in favor of going their own way. What happened on Friday will have unknown but seriously detrimental consequences. As I think of how God historically disciplines his disobedient children, I don’t think things bode well for America. Historically, God uses heathen enemies (can we say ISIS et al) to bring his people to repentence and when his children repent, he will usually destroy those peoples and nations he used to bring his people back to himself. You would think we would learn better and do better, but history simply repeats itself because we seem to never learn the truths and the lessons contained in his word. I shiver….

      1. hsnpoor says:

        Oh, and I totally agree with your observation of how timely Oswald Chambers’ devotions are. I also stand in awe and amazement. However, I’m not so sure about your statement about justice in this world. Maybe we search in vain looking for it, but I do believe we are called to be just personally and fight against injustice.

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