Thinking of Prayer as Jesus Taught

Our thinking about prayer, whether right or wrong, is based on our own mental conception of it. The correct concept is to think of prayer as the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts. Our blood flows and our breathing continues “without ceasing”; we are not even conscious of it, but it never stops. And we are not always conscious of Jesus keeping us in perfect oneness with God, but if we are obeying Him, He always is. Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life of the saint. Beware of anything that stops the offering up of prayer. “Pray without ceasing…”— maintain the childlike habit of offering up prayer in your heart to God all the time.

Jesus never mentioned unanswered prayer. He had the unlimited certainty of knowing that prayer is always answered. Do we have through the Spirit of God that inexpressible certainty that Jesus had about prayer, or do we think of the times when it seemed that God did not answer our prayer? Jesus said, “…everyone who asks receives…” (Matthew 7:8). Yet we say, “But…, but….” God answers prayer in the best way— not just sometimes, but every time. However, the evidence of the answer in the area we want it may not always immediately follow. Do we expect God to answer prayer?

The danger we have is that we want to water down what Jesus said to make it mean something that aligns with our common sense. But if it were only common sense, what He said would not even be worthwhile. The things Jesus taught about prayer are supernatural truths He reveals to us.

Bible in One Year: 1 Chronicles 28-29; John 9:24-41

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Prayer as Jesus Taught”

  1. powelljennice0508 says:

    I have just started reconnecting with God and I admit my prayers at night seem juvenile. My mother used to sound so knowledegable and eloquent when she prayed. I realize that she probably started off sounding juvenile but I’ve heard from other family members that members of her church congregation would seek her out to pray for them when she was just a little girl. When I pray, I have so much I want to say and my words get jumbled up. Maybe my simplest prayer should be “Lord, show me how to talk to you”. But if He is supposed to me my Friend, should I not be able to talk to him plainly and He know that I mean well and am trying not to sound mixed up?

    1. ameetingatthewell says:

      Jesus is your friend and at the same time He is the Son of God and our Lord and Master. We must always want to come unto in respect and love, and respect and love is not always using big words, but it can be simple language as well. Its okay if your words get jumbled as long as your heart and mouth are being sincere and honest. The most important thing to keep in mind when you pray is what is the attitude of your heart? Are you praying to the Lord with a humble spirit, waiting to talk and commune with Him? God loves it when we pray to Him but He loves it more when our hearts are in the right place, when we want to seek his face and not always His hand.

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