We all have moments when we feel better than our best, moments when we’re up for anything. “If only I could always feel like this!” we say. We aren’t meant to. Moments of inspiration are moments for us to live up to after the moment has passed. Many of us are no good for this workaday world when we’re not inspired. We have to learn that God wants us to bring our workaday life up to the standard revealed to us on high.

Never allow a feeling stirred in you on the mountaintop to evaporate when you descend into the valley. Don’t sit back, put up your feet, and say, “What a wonderful state of mind to be in!” Instead, act immediately, if only because you’d rather not. If you are praying and God shows you something he wants you to do, don’t says, “I’ll do it.” Get up and do it. Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and shake off your laziness.

Laziness is always seen in cravings for the mountaintop experience. We talk about “working toward” the great experience or “working up to” the moment of glory. We have to learn to live in the gray day according to what we saw on the mount. Don’t cave in because your experience has failed to live up to your expectations. Get at it again. Burn your bridges behind you. Stand committed to God; stand as an act of your own free will. Never go back on your decisions—but be sure to make them in the light of the vision you received on high.

Wisdom from Oswald

A fanatic is one who entrenches himself in invincible ignorance. Baffled to Fight Better, 59 R