The basis of the missionary’s work is the authority of Jesus Christ, not the needs of the unsaved. We tend to view our Lord as someone who assists us in our projects. Jesus Christ puts himself as the absolute sovereign over his disciples. Jesus doesn’t say that other people’s salvation depends on us, that if we don’t preach the gospel, the unsaved will be lost. He simply tells us to “go and make disciples of all nations.” That is, “Go on the revelation of my sovereignty; teach and preach out of a living experience of me.”

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened” (Matthew 11:28). Before I can go, I must learn how to come. If I want to know the universal sovereignty of Christ, I must know him for myself first. I must know how to get myself alone with him. I must take time to worship the Being whose name I bear. Am I weary and burdened, as so many missionaries are? Then, says Jesus, “Come to me.” We banish these marvelous words to the footnotes when they are the main text. They are the words of the universal sovereign of the world, the words of Jesus to his disciples.

“Therefore go.” “Go” simply means “live.” The description of how to go is found in Acts 1:8: “Be my witnesses.” To live bearing witness to Jesus is to fulfill your mission as his disciple. He will organize your goings himself.

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you . . .” (John 15:7). This is the description of how to keep going in your personal life. Where God places you is a matter of indifference. God engineers your goings, while you remain steadfast in him. That is the way to keep going until you’re gone.

Wisdom from Oswald

We never enter into the Kingdom of God by having our head questions answered, but only by commitment.
The Highest Good—Thy Great Redemption