The way we continually talk about our inabilities is an insult to the Creator. When we complain about our incompetence, we slander God; it’s as though we are saying he’s overlooked us. These things sound humble to people, but if you get into the habit of examining them from God’s point of view, you’ll be amazed at how rude and impertinent they are. “Oh, I wouldn’t want to say I’m sanctified. I’m no saint.” Say this before God, and it’s as though you’re saying, “No, Lord, it’s impossible for you to save and sanctify me. There are chances I haven’t had. There are so many imperfections in my brain and body. No, it isn’t possible.” This may sound wonderfully humble to other people, but before God it’s an attitude of defiance.

The opposite is also true. The things that sound humble to God may sound boastful to other people. If you say, “Thank God, I’m saved and sanctified,” people might think you’re bragging. But in God’s eyes it’s the pinnacle of humility. It means that you have so completely abandoned yourself to him that you know he is true.

Never worry about whether or not you sound humble to other people, but always be humble before God. Let him be all in all. Only one relationship matters, and that is your personal relationship to a personal redeemer. Maintain this relationship at all costs, letting go of everything else, and God will fulfill his purpose through you. One individual life may be of priceless value to God’s purpose, and yours may be that life.

Wisdom from Oswald

The life of Abraham is an illustration of two things: of unreserved surrender to God, and of God’s complete possession of a child of His for His own highest end. Not Knowing Whither, 901 R