The wind was wild and the waves were high, but at first Peter didn’t notice. Fixing his eyes on Jesus, he stepped out in recognition of his Lord and walked on the water. It was only when Peter began to pay attention to his surroundings that fear and doubt set in. The instant this happened, down he went.

Sometimes we step right out in faith and walk happily along. Then self-consideration comes in, and down we go. If we are keeping our sights on our Lord, it doesn’t occur to us to worry about ourselves or our circumstances. The circumstances of our lives simply are. It’s only when we focus on them that we become overwhelmed. We lose sight of Jesus and receive his rebuke: “Why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31).

Let circumstances be what they are. Keep looking to Jesus, maintaining complete reliance on him. If you begin to debate when God has spoken, it’s all over. Never say, “I wonder if that really was God speaking.” Be reckless. The second you hear God’s voice, fling yourself out in faith. You do not know when God’s voice will come, but whenever you sense it, even in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon all to him. It is only by abandoning yourself that you learn to trust the Lord. You will hear his voice more clearly through recklessness.

Wisdom from Oswald

An intellectual conception of God may be found in a bad vicious character. The knowledge and vision of God is dependent entirely on a pure heart. Character determines the revelation of God to the individual. The pure in heart see God. Biblical Ethics, 125 R