Say nothing until the Son of Man is risen in you. As Jesus instructed the disciples who were with him on the Mount of Transfiguration, we too should keep silent until the life of the risen Christ dominates us. Only then will we understand what the historic Christ—the Christ of the New Testament—taught. When we get to the right state on the inside, when the resurrection life of Christ lives in us, the meaning of the words Jesus spoke will be so clear that we’ll be amazed we didn’t understand them before.

Our Lord never hid the meaning of his message; the meaning is simply unbearable to us until we get our spiritual life into proper shape. “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear” (John 16:12). Has Jesus established his risen life inside us? The evidence that he has is that the words he spoke are becoming clearer and easier to interpret.

God can’t reveal anything to us if we don’t have his Spirit. A stubborn and willful attitude will eventually prevent God from showing us hidden truths. If there’s some bit of doctrine we’ve already made up our minds about, the light of God won’t shine upon it for us; we won’t be able to get at its true meaning. This stubborn, uncomprehending stage will end the instant the Lord’s resurrection life is established in us.

Until then, we must stay silent: “Jesus gave them orders not to tell.” So many of us rush to tell what we’ve seen of Christ. We can’t wait to testify about it. But the vision isn’t reflected in our lives because the Son of Man hasn’t risen in us yet. When will he rise in you and in me?

Wisdom from Oswald

We are not to preach the doing of good things; good deeds are not to be preached, they are to be performed.
So Send I You