The aim of the spiritual saint isn’t self-realization; it’s to know Jesus Christ and to realize his life in any and every circumstance. Spiritual saints embrace everything that comes their way with a reckless abandonment to their Lord. They don’t believe that the circumstances of their lives are haphazard or random; they don’t divide their lives into “secular” and “sacred.” Instead, they view every moment, every situation, as a God-sent opportunity for gaining knowledge of Christ. Even when they are engaged in the most menial work, spiritual saints take the initiative to manifest their Lord.

How do I view the work I do? If I view it as an opportunity for self-realization, I am enthroning work itself. Spiritual saints enthrone Jesus Christ in their work, no matter what the work may be.

“Jesus knew . . . that he had come from God and was returning to God; so he . . . poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet” (John 13:3–5). Every phase of our life has its counterpart in the life of Jesus. At this moment in our Lord’s life, he performed a menial task. Yet even here, in this act of subservience, Jesus manifested his relationship to his Father. The Holy Spirit is determined that we will manifest Jesus Christ in this same way in every domain of life. The Spirit will bring us back to the same point, again and again, until we do.

Do I know the Lord as I should, in every aspect of my life? Do I know him today, at this very minute? If not, I am failing him. Let me take on the attitude of the spiritual saint and begin to know Jesus Christ in every set of circumstances God sends my way.

Wisdom from Oswald

We all have the trick of saying—If only I were not where I am!—If only I had not got the kind of people I have to live with! If our faith or our religion does not help us in the conditions we are in, we have either a further struggle to go through, or we had better abandon that faith and religion.  The Shadow of an Agony, 1178 L